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Kameli Law realizes that legal proceedings can seem complex, so our solution is to make this process as visible as possible.

Partnership disputes must be addressed vigorously, rapidly, and intelligently. A mediation procedure, both formally and informally, can resolve several shareholder conflicts quickly.

Kameli Law is a modern Chicago law firm that focuses on representing business clients.

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    Business and Corporate Law

    Business and Corporate Law

    It is essential for business owners, investors, and contractors to have qualified legal counsel to help tackle the issues that may arise. Kameli & Associates handles mergers and acquisitions, corporate litigation, shareholder disputes, transaction law, bank loans, and other financing cases. LEARN MORE
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    Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

    Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

    The Kameli & Associates attorneys are dedicated to helping developers, investors, and organizations navigate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology`s legal intricacies. With our experienced lawyers, we can help clients who are planing to get into cryptocurrency, ones who have legal issues or got defrauded LEARN MORE
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    Employment law can be quite complex, so you`ll need a qualified employment lawyer to advocate on your behalf when you run into legal trouble in the workplace. Our services include labor relations, compensation for workers, employees, minimum wage, and social security. LEARN MORE

    At Kameli Law , we take pride in our work, and our tradition of excellence has long been a factor in attracting the best and brightest legal talent to our firm.

    • Taher Kameli

      Principal Attorney

      Furthermore, Mr. Kameli has begun working on a free public education system with parents of special needs children to secure their rights. He has always had a passion for helping children with special needs in his life.

    • Steven Burke

      Associate Attorney

      Mr. Burke represents clients in a broad range of legal issues including significant work in the areas of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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