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Employment Legal Services

Employment law consists of both federal and state laws as well as subjects that regulate relationships between employees and employers. For employees, employment law promotes safety and health. It also prevents discrimination and disruption of work due to disputes between management and labor.

Employment law includes labor relations, worker’s compensation, employee benefits, employment discrimination, immigration, minimum wage and hour, wrongful termination, and Social Security. One example of employment law is Title VII, which forbids employment discrimination based on the religion, national origin, gender, color, or race of a person. Employers shouldn’t consider these aspects when firing, compensating, hiring, or promoting an employee.

The Fair Labor Standards Act is another example of employment law. The federal legislation established child labor laws and a minimum hourly wage for specific industries. The FLSA was implemented during the Great Depression when employees were subjected to harsh working conditions, unjust pay, and long hours.

Some employment laws do not bound employers who have less than a specific number of workers. For instance, businesses with less than 50 employees are not covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Employment lawyers usually represent either employees or employers. Lawyers who represent employees may help them negotiate settlements or file a lawsuit against their employer.

Employment Litigation

Avoiding litigation is a top priority for most employers, and the attorneys at Kameli Law are experienced in providing advice and counseling that minimizes the risk of litigation. While we frequently advise clients on preventive and cost-effective alternatives, civil litigation is an unavoidable reality in the business world, and litigation defense is a significant part of our firm’s practice.

When facing employment litigation, employers need fast, effective, and focused legal assistance. Kameli Law has the experience and resources to respond quickly when a lawsuit does arise and offers cutting-edge strategies to help limit the client’s exposure and costs. Every day, employers look to Kameli Law to assess their class action risk and to identify and remedy vulnerable workplace policies and procedures before they become problems.

We represent clients before state and federal trial and appellate courts in lawsuits pertaining to various employment matters, including:

  • Wrongful discharge and termination claims;
  • Benefits litigation involving wage and hour issues, unpaid commissions, vacation pay, severance pay;
  • Contract and labor disputes;
  • Unfair competition and trade secrets;
  • Employment discrimination; and
  • Sexual harassment.

Employee Policy Handbook

Regardless of the size of your business, having an employee handbook that addresses the company’s policies and procedures can be one of the most valuable business documents you will create and use. An employee handbook is the foundation of your relationship with your employees, but it is also the foundation of a risk reduction strategy for employers who want to avoid employment-related litigation.

At Kameli Law, we help businesses of all kinds and sizes draft and adopt employee handbooks and other policies that reflect the true intentions of the employer and reduce legal liability. There are a variety of legal considerations a business should take into account when adopting its employee handbooks and policies. We assist businesses in addressing the implications of federal and state employment laws with regard to policies, including the following:

Part of running a serious business is giving serious thought to employment policies with the help of an experienced lawyer and putting those policies in writing in the form of an employee handbook. Most critically, a comprehensive employment handbook protects the company from litigation and administrative hearings by clarifying employment policies for workers and managers. Medical and Dental Professionals Kameli Law Group is an all-encompassing solution for physicians and other medical professionals. We assist physicians and dentists in almost all aspects of their professional and personal life. Our lawyers understand the unique personal and professional needs of those in the health care industry. We are capable of helping you with all of the legal matters you or your practice may encounter, including business law matters, such as:

  • Formation and governing documents for medical practices (articles of incorporation and organization, bylaws, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and more)
  • Buy-Sell agreements
  • Immigration and visa issues
  • Consulting agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Employment agreements/severance agreements
  • Drafting an Employee Policy Handbook
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Employment law
  • Non-compete and confidentiality agreements
  • Real estate (sale and purchase agreements)
  • Business separation/dissolution agreements
  • Equipment lease agreements
  • Minority entity certification
  • Workout agreements with personal and business creditors
  • Loan agreements and collateral documents
  • Business planning and evaluation
  • Risk management/insurance issues
  • Commercial litigation
  • Tax matters

Our team represents dentists, doctors, and other medical providers in all professional licensing and disciplinary hearing matters, including:

  • Public health code violations
  • Prescription abuse
  • Blue Cross excess billing, upcoding, or overbilling claims
  • Blue Cross departicipation and reparticipation actions
  • Medicare and Medicaid exclusion and reinstatement proceedings
  • D.E.A. deregistration and reregistration litigation
  • National Practitioner Data Bank responses and exceptions