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In an environment of growing regulatory pressure, compliance with the country’s complicated immigration legislation is essential for organizations employing foreign employees. It grows the risk of businesses falling afoul of their duties and could result in substantial reputational loss.

Kameli Law immigration sponsorship and compliance services help organizations in navigating this difficulty. We work with our clients to create approaches, which meet their program needs and overcome insufficiencies in internal processes.

Recruit and Retain Foreign Talent with Corporate Immigration Sponsorship

We have committed a team of immigration sponsorship lawyers who counsel clients on a broad spectrum of immigration matters. We devise and execute practical employment-related immigration sponsorship tactics, which allow U.S. employers to employ and retain foreign talent on a long-term and short-term basis.

Our immigration law team has efficiently represented clients in different immigration-related cases in industries such as:

  • research
  • telecommunications
  • energy
  • food and agriculture
  • information technology
  • healthcare
  • manufacturing

Today’s immigration enforcement setting puts a premium on efficient, inclusive compliance. It also demands a strong understanding of the enforcement and regulations priorities of critical state agencies, sustains compliance through internal review, and protects over agency actions when they happen.

Our legal team helps to build immigration solutions for clients. We take pride in our comprehensive experience in dealing with immigration issues and regulations.

The capabilities of our corporate immigration sponsorship and compliance team include the following:

  • Immigration and Compliance Training
  • Immigration counseling for startups and foreign national investors
  • Representation in immigration-related investigations and audits
  • S. Consular Representation Immigration Due Diligence for Corporate Transactions
  • I-9 and E-Verify Compliance
  • Long-term and short-term work authorization sponsorship, including permanent residence and non-immigrant visas

Our attorneys at Kameli Law are here to support justice and advocate for reasonable and fair immigration law and policy.

Why Choose Us?

Kameli Law Immigration Sponsorship and Compliance services represent individuals, businesses, and organizations from around Chicago, IL, on a wide array of immigration matters and visa requirements.

Our Immigration Sponsorship and Compliance solutions can counsel multinational companies on a wide array of employment-related immigration concerns. We concentrate on strategic immigration planning for U.S. and international organizations for the international relocation of personal both from and into the U.S.

We work along with our clients to deal with the work and visa authorization requirements of U.S. and global personnel. It includes:

  • students
  • corporate trainees
  • persons of extraordinary ability
  • essential workers
  • treaty investors or traders
  • managers and executives
  • professionals

Are you not confident in your current program? Our legal team performs compliance health audits, where we determine core areas of exposure. On top of that, we make targeted suggestions, which meet the present legislative framework.

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