Contract Litigation

Contracts build the keystone of every commercial enterprise. The majority of commercial litigation cases come down to the obligations and rights under contracts that often include alternative dispute resolution processes or forum requirements.

The geographic reach, size, and sophistication of our practice enable Kameli Law to provide an unparalleled range of legal experience and knowledge in commercial contract disputes throughout the region. We are intimately accustomed to often complex and perplexing state laws as well as with contracting requirements and practices in specific sectors.

Litigation respecting parties’ prospects, responsibilities, and privileges coming out of agreements is one of the foundations of commercial litigation. Contract disputes are a never-ending number of backgrounds.



  • International disputes about the quality of goods ordered
  • Performance under license agreements
  • Performance of agreements to construct commercial buildings, transportation equipment, or systems
  • Payment disputes
  • Changed and differing site conditions
  • Prime contractor-subcontractor disputes
  • Defective specifications
  • Constructive and directed changes
  • Suspension of work, loss of productivity and acceleration, impact and delay


Our legal team has all-encompassing experience in the litigation and resolution of contract disputes.

How does Contract Litigation work?

Not all contract disputes could be prevented. Yet, in some cases, a business might find itself experiencing litigation based on the alleged breach of contract or other concerns associated with the agreement’s operation. When a business suffers as a result of another party’s failure or is accused of failing to perform under the terms of an agreement, the attorneys at Kameli Law are here to help.

We know how contract litigation is a problematic aspect of the law, as every contract involves unique terms, performance requirements, and conditions for the parties and entities bound to it. If your organization needs support working through the dense and technical aspects of contract disputes, call us immediately.

Why Choose Us?

Our legal team make it a priority to know and safeguard the most crucial business interests of our clients cost-effectively and in a focused manner. We will protect you wherever appropriate we seek to deal with solutions to our clients’ contractual disputes without overpriced or redundant litigation.

We possess a stable of extremely experienced trial lawyers if litigation is the ideal course. You can rest assured we will make sure your contractual rights are safeguarded.

On top of that, our commercial contract disputes practice ranges to different sectors. It includes the following:

  • healthcare
  • government contracts
  • retail
  • telecommunications
  • pharmaceuticals
  • defence
  • technology
  • construction
  • real estate
  • insurance
  • finance
  • banking

Not just our legal team knows contract rights, but we also have comprehensive knowledge in these and many other sectors. That enables us to know how fundamental contract rights apply to the oddities of a specific sector or contracting relationship.