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Often, a dispute between two parties might get out of hand that the parties are not capable of resolving their own differences directly. A lot of lawyers recommend immediate lawsuits or formal arbitral proceedings. However, those costly processes aren’t the only method forward.

Sometimes, all that is required to bring the parties back together is a negotiation of their positions through intermediaries. That is an easy and cost-efficient procedure that allows parties to resume their working relationship faster. Given that the procedure is non-binding, it does not affect either the right of the party to seek a remedy should discussion sour.

At Kameli Law , we offer disputes and negotiations services for different disputes – ranging from familial disputes to commercial disputes. You can rest assured that our dispute negotiators are incredibly experienced and trained in handling both complicated interpersonal relationships and multi-factor disputes.

We offer Disputes & Negotiations services by having a team of experienced and well-qualified negotiators, with licenses to practice. We offer services in-person through our office and virtually around the world.

Preserve Your Assets with our Disputes & Negotiations Professionals

We know how disputes could quickly deteriorate into expensive litigation. These expenses severely impact the productive, emotional, psychological, and financial health of a person or an organization. On top of that, they can also negatively affect hard-earned reputations and trusts.

Nonetheless, disputes could be handled with innovative and advanced solutions that produce value, foster trust, establish solid reputations, and mitigate risk when managed with competence, skill, expertise, and knowledge.

At Kameli Law , our disputes and negotiations experts have assisted our clients in preventing the massive expenses of conflict and litigation through our litigation-avoidance mediation, training, and consulting services.

With many years of experience under our belt across a wide array of complicated disputes, our team is assured that we can offer fast, top-notch and satisfying results. That will conserve your reputation, relationships, assets, and resources while preventing corrosive conflict and expensive lawsuits.

Why Choose Us?

Do you have a breach of contract or business dispute problem? Hiring a lawyer to deal with a resolution to your dispute has a lot of benefits over filing a lawsuit, like saving parties money, time, relationships, and emotions. We are professional and experienced litigators and utilize that skill and experience to negotiate peaceful resolutions to external and internal business disputes.

Our objective is to negotiate a convenient, cost-efficient resolution to your dispute, unlike the typical outcome in litigation. We are the leaders in collaborative commercial dispute resolution. We’ve been successful in resolving a broad spectrum of business disputes from internal commercial disputes between market players to genuine partnership disputes.

Clients know and cherish our value proposition. That’s why clients regularly engage us around the region for our dispute resolution services.

As early dispute resolution experts, we will serve as third-party neutrals to mediate a wide array of civil and business disputes. Speak with us today!